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One of the most interesting things that the fans of experience have done from the Indian Subcontinent would be to choose one or even a number of the daunting yet exciting Himalayan treks. And when trekking in the Himalayas is your lifelong fantasy, then this manual will become your bucket listing of expeditions to continue in your life. Beginning out of the tallest mountain on earth, the Everest Base Camp Trek is on everyone’s list so that they can observe the huge giant using their very own two eyes and marvel in its humbleness.

And when we’re speaking about marvel, then the Roopkund trek in the Himalayas is one spot which will make you marvel in the enigmatic area of this lake as well as the inexplicable existence of individual skeletons in the bottom of the lake. The location is scarring but can also be possessive of a specific sense of beauty as you find quite a few of amazing sunrises on the trek above ranges following ranges of Himalayan Hills.  Himalayas treks in June the best time to travel.

And speaking about attractiveness, the concept of a trek that takes you to a gorgeous meadow of vibrant flowers covering the slope of a valley is something which won’t ever don’t excite you.

These and a number of other incredible treks from the embrace of Himalayas are awaiting be researched or contested by someone dauntless. Read this guide to learn more on the best 30 of all Himalayan Treks.

So here is a list of 30 Most epic Himalayan Treks:-

Auden Col Trek 2020


Auden’s Col is a high altitude mountain pass which connects Bhilangra Valley with Rudugaira Valley in the state of Uttarakhand. Auden Col Trek passes through elevation of 5,490mt (18,010 ft) and joins Jogin I (6465m) on the east direction and Gangotri III (6580m) on the north-west direction. Auden’s Col Trek is a problematic trek; moreover, it is highly adventurous. Trekker can trek to Kedarnath from Gangotri after crossing Mayali Pass & Auden’s Col.

This stunning trek was named after John Bicknell Auden, who found it in the year of 1935 and crossed it in 1939. Mr Romesh Bhattacharjee and Mr Harish Kapadia of the Himalayan club were also among the few who experienced Auden Col Trek in the late eighties.

Bali Pass Trek 2020


Bali Pass Trek is a newly discovered trek, which is also known as Ruinsara lake Trek. Mighty Bali Pass offers stunning views of Swargarohini, Bandarpoonch and Kalanag peaks with the naked eyes. Exhilarating Bali Pass connects Yamunotri with Har Ki Dun Valley in Uttarakhand. Just like other Himalayan pass treks, Bali Pass trek can be enjoyed at it’s best in the post/pre-monsoon season.

For those who want to explore ancient villages of Ganga/Osla, Govind National Park and Ruinsara Valley, Bali Pass trek is the best option for them. Moreover, you can enjoy snow-capped peaks and astonishing valleys in the months of June & July.


Beas Kund Trek 2020


Beas Kund is a top elevation alpine lake which sits majestically underneath the mounts of Himachal Pradesh, at an elevation of 3,700mt. The attractiveness of Beas Kund Trek comes from the source of Beas River, which is understood to be the aquatic structure at which Sage Vyas operate to take tub while he meditated. The trek to Beas Kund starts from Solang Nallah (Near Manali), that’s well-known for skiing and paragliding. Mesmerizing views of Dhundi and Bakarthach is going to share your path with Beas Kund trek. Grand mountaintops such as Hanuman Tibba, Friendship Peak, Shitidhar, and Seven Sisters are going to become your chum with this trek to Beas Kund. A trekker will also come upon the Beas Kund Glacier while continuing towards Beas Kund. This midsummer trek is the ultimate choice for rookies due to its small length and comfortable difficulty level.


Buran Ghati Trek 2020

Buran Ghati Trek is an incredible gem in the Himalayas of Himachal Pradesh. Arguably, Buran Ghati is the most exciting mountain pass crossing among all of the treks of LLXP. Trekkers have to rappel down a snow wall in 15,000 feet! If this thrill isn’t sufficient, then there are five massive snow slides to perform. The very sober trekker rediscovers an internal kid in him around the Buran Ghati trek!

The Buran Ghati Trek includes woods, grasslands, mountain views, even old village. In the very end of this trek, descending through Barua village is a never-ending passing through the years.


Chandrakhani Pass Trek 2020


Chandrakhani Pass is just one of the most exquisite and tranquil pass, at an altitude of 3660 m situated in the Kullu valley of Himachal Pradesh. Chandrakhani Pass Trek offers impressive views of this Deo Tibba summit, Pir Panjal and Parbati array of hills. The trek is among the beautiful treks that introduce the trekker into the distant, scenic valleys of Himachal Pradesh. That scatter that horizon is a cure for the nature enthusiast throughout the trip. The area which passes through Chandrakhani Pass Trek is also called the Valley of Gods.

Chandrakhani Pass Trek starts from Manali and farther it takes you to Celanti, a top elevation flowering meadow through Naggar, Rumsu, and Ganachalani. By Celanti, you’re going to begin trekking uphill to reach Chandrakhani Pass, the last destination of this trek.

Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek 2020 via Chopta Tungnath


Chopta to Tungnath is an exciting trekking trip because it has catchy trails to make you happy in addition to anxious. Chopta Chandrashila Trek is ideal to experience peace of mind and also conduct meditation to rejuvenate yourself by merely massaging the pure radiance in the sunlight coming in between the swaying trees. Chandrashila Summit trek is also occurring on precisely the same day that’s almost close to Tungnath but at the height of approximately 3600 meters. Kedar, Chaukhamba and a number of the other significant peaks come nearer to you as you’re on the upper part of Chandrashila. Golden-breasted eagles are a standard sight in the summit.

Chopta Chandrashila Trek is relatively easy making it convenient for novices and also for kids. However, innovative trekkers would also find it reasonably intriguing passing by the thick green woods and be watching the snow-clad peaks in the space. Regular fitness merely is the requirement to perform this trek, and people who love character genuinely would find a feast for their own eyes with this nearer to nature trek, and the sights will likely be changeable based on the period you select.


Dayara Bugyal Trek 2020


This is a classic trek for trekkers who are keen to explore the outdoor greenery and the scenic views of mighty Himalayas at high altitude. “Bugyal” in the native language of Uttarakhand stands for the “high altitude meadow”. Dayara Bugyal & Bedni Bugyal are among one of the few largest and most popular meadows in the Garhwal Himalayas.

Just imagine yourself in an altitude of 3048 mt, and you’re sitting at a gorgeous meadow appearing upon the remarkable Himalayan peaks together with friends from your side sipping on tea. The chilliness of this area improving the aroma and flavour of this tea with a fantastic view of woods facing you.

Ideal trek for extended weekends, Dayara Bugyal could be a perfect start for novices. This area receives heavy snowfall through winters. The trek goes through ample land, and dense woods at unique places end up in the massive expanse of lush green meadow. The majority of the trekkers begin their trek from Barsu village plus they trek down through Raithal to observe the scenic magnificence of the paths.


Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek 2020


Himachal Pradesh, the country blessed with beautiful treks through the hills, has ever been the favourite playground of these experience junkies for the centuries. Thrilling hills of Himachal provides some very best trekking trails that change in their degree of difficulty which range from easy to strenuous. One trek that deserves a particular mention at the listing of greatest treks in its area is the thrilling 75 km extended Deo Tibba.

Expansive views, towering mountains, hanging glaciers, lush meadows, exposed stone faces, massive cliffs broad terrain, these are a few of the surprising characteristics of this Deo Tibba trek that simplifies each tourist to visit once in a life. Views of those snow-capped peaks of these hills throughout the travel are unique, and skilled hikers will state that it is something you want to be ready.


Dodital Trek 2020


Dodi Tal is an emerald lake nestled beneath large hills at an elevation of 3,310 mts above sea level. Dodi Tal is called after the rare Himalayan Trouts called Dodi in language. This lake is one of those very numbers of water bodies in which Himalayan Trouts are located. On one corner of this lake, a gorgeous temple is devoted to Lord Ganesha. Based on mythology that is the location where Lord Ganesha was born. Dodi Tal could be reached in 2 days by trekking 22kms by Sangam Chatti. The trekking to Dodi Tal is simple but the road becomes average should you trek towards Darwa Pass. A broad range imposing Himalayan array could be understood by Darwa Top. Dodital is thought of one of gorgeous lakes of India, and it’s very popular with nature lovers and trekking fans. The origin of the Tal is by the springs as well as the origin of a lake “Asi Ganga”.


Hampta Pass Trek 2020


Hampta Pass Trek using Chandratal is one particular trek that’s perfect for novices and pros alike, and provides stunning views of the arctic vistas, from mountains, deserts into meadows and palaces. If you’re planning to start your adventure travel and are searching for that very first trek, to begin with, then your search results. Arriving this is just because there are frequent buses that run from essential cities such as New Delhi and Chandigarh.

You get sufficient time on the very first day for acclimatization, Report in the Base Camp. On the next five days, you have to stroll through thick woods, cross rivers and meadows, and also get an opportunity to observe the magnificent valleys of Lahaul and Spiti. Hampta Pass Trek using Chandratal is really for all experience fans along with a must-do if you’re trekking mad!


Har Ki Dun Trek 2020


The road in many areas running through a dense forest cover retains off risks of elevation adaptation signalling the trek secure for novices and young trekkers. Generally, the trek may possess 5 hours of hiking each day, but due to the exhaustive relationship with localities, the path is filled with simple amenities like small sterile eateries along the manner.

The difficulty of Har Ki Doon, aside from the long hours of the trek for two days is trekking from the rains. The peak period of the year with this trek isn’t wintering the following snowfall however in summertime frequented by rainfall. Proceeding via green foliages dripping with pearls of moisture is a gorgeous encounter, but trekkers have to be well equipped to this. Rain trekking necessary for example poncho, watertight covers, anti-diarrhoea medications, and also water resistant trekking boots needs to be ticked boxed very first when packaging for this particular trip.


Kalindi Khal Trek 2020


Kalindi Khal has become the most challenging expedition mode easily touching round the extreme heights of nearly 600 m high pass at the Himalayas rewarded with magnificent views. Trekking across Kalindikhal ranges is bringing the top experience in a distant and religious area. Kalindikhal trekking adds an exciting flavour to the great thing about this Tapovan while researching the most undulating alpine meadows, the community of gurgling streams as well as the nearly alongside you the existence of a number of those famous Himalayan peaks.

Kalindikhal Trekking Tour attracts the maximum frilled camping trip directly at the bottom of this Shivling peak (6543m, known as the Matterhorn of Garhwal) and all the sightings of all Gaumukh, the source of Ganges- that the very revered lake on the planet. The trek takes you halfway around Garhwal in the Bhagirathi Valley requires you throughout Nandanvan, the foundation of the Bhagirathi peaks, also a location that provides an unparallel perspective of their Shivlinga summit and subsequently towards the Alaknanda Valley. From here across Sweta Glacier begins the hard crossing of this Kalindikhal Pass that’s a challenging climb in where the trekkers may sense there is nothing else left to be viewed. Last, the Kalindikhal trail then descends into Arwatal and also to Mana- the village in the Chinese frontier. The trek fittingly finishes at Badrinath having a trip to the sacred temple.

Kanamo Peak Trek 2020


Kanamo summit stands at the height of 19,600 ft in Spiti Valley. A trek to Kanamo summit then is not in any doubt a thrilling experience. The title’Kanamo’ consists of two phrases, Ka and also Namo so”a white woman”. The trek is for all those who believe themselves super healthy and possess experience of at least one high altitude trek. Additionally, if you’re interested in finding a steep altitude trek at a brief duration and meager budget, then Kanamo Peak is right for you. This is one of those few peaks that do not need any specialized skills of life-threatening. Nevertheless an elevation like shouldn’t be dismissed. You ought to receive appropriate acclimatization done to prevent odds of AMS that are incredibly high especially on a trek in this way. It may be thought of as a fantastic alternative to Stok Kangri & Friendship Peak that are additional trekking peaks in India.


Kareri Lake Trek 2020

Kareri Lake trek originates from Mcleodganj and contributes to Kareri village in 1,800 meters passing through a thick pine woods and many tiny villages. By Kareri village there’s a gradual twist to Kareri Lake, twisting and snaking through thin ridges and centring upon a thick forest of pine. On this course you want to cross the Kareri Nallah a few times more than the wooden bridge, making the trip more adventuresome. Further, contrary to Kareri Lake the road descends to Bagga and afterwards to Rewa. By Guna Devi Temple the road proceeds its stride towards Triund in 2,850 meters before eventually wheeling into Mcleodganj.

Even the Kareri Lake trek being one of those alpine treks from the Indian Himalayan area is suggested for seasoned trekkers who have previous experience of high altitude trekking. The very best time to go to your Kareri Lake Trek is through the Indian summer time.


Kashmir Great Lakes Trek 2020


It poses the poem inside itself. You’re able to draw on a preface of it just hearing its title. Kashmir is a fantastic location, and if you’re on a Himalayan trek, you’re sure to taste the organic beauty and experience. The trek into the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek provides a life experience of classic memories which are so beautifully exhausting. The thundering excitement of this Kashmir lakes along with its pure beauty would be spellbound. Aside from the lakes, the bare milky snow clad mountains stick out in may and joyful.

The positioning of the trek, as evident, is Kashmir, also referred to as the heaven of the planet. The trek interval computes around 7-9 times, and this trek can be rated as moderate about this trekking challenges. The altitude circles around 13000 feet and the space paths roughly 63 km. On this satisfying trek, you are going to learn much understanding on your own – at a trifecta — emotionally, mentally and emotionally. To get a trekker, nothing could substitute and prepare for all those overriding and contradictory emotions that if his body will require much strain and if he’ll make it or not. This trek will remain joyful along with also a cherishing trek for those trekkers which comes in handy with a couple of preparations.


Kasol Kheerganga Trek 2020


Even the Parvati Valley is one of the most scenic areas in the Himalayan region of Himachal Pradesh. Two times is all you want to research its breathtaking landscape and become refreshed from inside. The Kasol into Kheerganga trek is an invigorating trip, which not just overlooks the breathtaking terrain of the Himalayas, but also provides you with an opportunity to find out about the intriguing culture of the folks alive. You may visit lots of cities, and there’ll be infinite chances that you click images using all the snow-capped peaks from the background.

Out of here, you’ll be carried to the hamlet of Barshaini to start the on-foot travel. The 12-km course from here gives you ample opportunities to learn more about the natural bounties of the area. In route, you’ll discover numerous charming waterfalls which can convince you with their charm to have an image. One sight of this fantastic serpent-shaped waterfall of Rudra Nag can provide you with a fresh outlook on a character. These fabulous waterfalls are among the highlights of this Kheerganga trek.


Kedarkantha Trek 2020


Kedarkantha Peak is situated in the beautiful shore of Garhwal Himalayas, and the Kedarkantha trek provides a gorgeous view of Himalayan Valleys. The Kedarkantha Trek will take you to a memorable excursion beginning together with of the Govind National Park which can be a treasure house of flora and fauna such as leopards, bears, musk deer and tons of birds! The uniqueness of this trek is in how it unites beautiful scenery working with a challenging route. Your trekking days will likely be warm nights need to look out for since non-natural temperatures are a widespread occurrence. Each one the challenges aside, at an altitude of 3800m/12,500 feet, the trek ensures that a sweeping view from the summit.


Kedartal Trek 2020


This enjoyable excursion takes you to Gangotri, the early origin of the sacred river Ganga and onwards into 1 of the very scenic high elevation lakes – that the Kedar Tal (4912 mts)! The lake behaves to be an observation post for the more Himalayan peaks, e.g. Thaleysagar (6904 mts), Brigupanth (6772 mts) along with the Jogin band of heights, and that area can be used by mountaineers being a staging point for scaling the neighbouring mountains. The unspoilt lake fed with the Kedar glacier, and it is likewise the lifespan supply of river Kedarganga. Also, a tributary of Bhagirathi referred to as god Shiva,’s participation to Bhagirathi. You’ve got a reasonable prospect of seeing a varied number of top elevation plantations, e.g. Bharal (blue symbols), Goral, Himalayan black bear and also an excellent assortment of birds, even during the trek. Though a little rigorous, the rewards of opting for this trek are incredibly high so.


Markha Valley Trek Ladakh 2020(Himalayan)


Markha Valley trek is also famous because of its greenery where you can anticipate lodging in parachute tents in the majority of the cities en route. Aside from the spectacular comparison of trekking within an arctic cold desert valley, you receive an excellent view of Ladakh and Zanskar ranges, the 21,000 feet Kang Yissay as well as the 20,086 feet Stok Kangri peaks. The trek goes within a lovely Hemis National Park and entails two pass crossings- Gandala La (15748 feet ) along with Kongmaru La, (17,060 feet ). Some fascinating waist-deep river crossing segments on Markha River to paths going across intriguing Buddhist seas and rugged canyons are a few of the characteristics that provide this trek with exceptional fervour. With proximity to Leh, that can be 1 flight from the Indian metropolitan cities, even that the Markha Valley trek could be something almost any traveller to Leh can certainly think about doing.

Milam Glacier Trek 2020


Even the Milam Glacier trek is one of the very best treks Kumaun Himalaya array through distant regions having stunning panorama. Even the Milam Glacier, located on the south-facing incline of the Himalayan Selection, It originates in the slopes of Kohli and Trishul peaks. It’s the origin of this Milam River and a tributary of this Pindar River. On the manner of Milam Glacier trek that the road can be diverted for Nandadevi foundation. Trekking travel begins from Munsyari into Milam. The trek involves mild walks with great treks to cross rugged terrains, quaint villages and scenic streams. PanchaChuli range captivates the panoramic trek on climbing to the Lilam ridge. At an altitude of 3434 meters, Base Camp boasts impressive sight of East surface of Nanda Devi. A lot of this Greater section is via Brijigang Walk to Ralam Valley.

Parang La Trek 2020


The trek is the early trade route between the Spiti in Himachal, Tibet & Changthang at Ladakh area & trek could be launched from Karzok village or by Chicham / Kibber at Spiti. The road takes you to some maximum elevation of approximately 5600 meters into Parang La & follows the Pare Chu river that goes into Tibet & re-enters India. The most important attraction of this road is that the old nonetheless lively mountain characteristics which looks like an exceptional routine of being beneath the ocean for extended time & homes a number of the outstanding fossils. The road has vast meadows that were also a grazing ground for horses out of Spiti Valley. The most beautiful part of the trek is that the walk across the Tso Moriri Lake for two days in which the lake provides distinct colours of blue by many unclimbed peaks from the backdrop. The end stage is Karzok village which houses among those older & highly effective monastery in Leh.

Pin Parvati Trek 2020


Pin Parvati Pass origins from Parvati Valley and passes to Kullu to Pin Valley at Spiti. The trip begins from Kullu and finishes at Manali carrying 11 days daring excursion. The fascinating part of the trek falls from the abundant beauty of character with appealing scenery, lush greenery, extreme alpine woods, wild, vibrant blossoming blossoms and north manicured landscapes. The trekking starts from forcing to Barsheni Village out of Kullu. While trekking to Rudranath and camp followed closely by Khirganga into Tunda Bhuj and Thakur Kuan in elevation of 13400 large trekkers find the open valleys of Himachal, appealing villages, glowing sea reef, and massive, terrifying waterfalls.

Prashar Lake Trek 2020


Prashar Lake (2,730m), freeze in winter and flanked by the Dhauladhar ranges from Kullu Valley is a gorgeous lake. The trek follows a magical route through a woods and lots of water streams. It’s thought to have been discovered by the Pandavas. An individual may also have the local culture since the road goes through little Himachali villages. With just 9 Kms approx. One side, it creates an ideal day hike perfect for individuals seeking to perform their very first trek. Knowledgeable trekkers may also take this route up to get back to hills only above a weekend. The trek is available during the season, but best achieved just in winters.


Roopkund Trek 2020

Roopkund Trek 2020

The Roopkund alpine lake is located around at 16499 feet above sea level. It’s likewise known as Skeleton Lake on account of the individual skeletons, which are found in and about it. There were many different theories about these skeletons are off and when did they ever perish. Some state they belong to Japanese troops that expired during WWII. Studies have determined they be NIL of individuals via an Indian warrior, who terminated from the 9th century due to a severe hailstorm.

Your journey through small scenic villages before coming from Ali Bugyal. It’s an alpine meadow with an altitude of approximately 10830 feet above sea level. You might also have the ability to find creatures that come here to graze during summers.


Sandakphu Phalut Trek 2020


With this Sandakphu trekking bundle, you receive an opportunity to cross the border and then enter Nepal, and return to India while after the circular route. The road can take you through woods of pine at lower altitudes, and people of oaks, deodars, pindrow firs along with morinda spruces at higher elevations. On the best way to Tumling, you arrive in a scenic alpine meadow, providing views of hills nearby. At a few halts, panoramic sunrises across the Himalayas will leave you spellbound, along with the charm that is only going to be broken by prettier sights. By Tumling, you could also get to observe the glorious Mount Everest in case the weather makes it possible for you. The last strategy to Sandakphu summit is going to be the toughest because of this rapid gain in elevation, but also the most rewarding. As you arrive at the summit and examine the stupefying perspective, you’ll forget about fatigue.


Satopanth Trek 2020


The trip to Satopanth Lake starts from Mana village, and it will be roughly 3 km up from Badrinath in 3,300 meters. Badrinath is one of those Hindu pilgrimage sites favorite for hosting a shrine dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The road from Mana contributes to Vasudhara through Bheem Bridge. The critical attractions on this trip would be the Indo-Mongolian tribe setup in Mana village along with Vasudhara drops. The trek to Satopanth has been gone to Laxmi Van en course a dense woods and then the trail snakes into the area of Satopanth Lake. The trek down to Badrinath follows the same route, and afterward, the trekking excursion to Satopanth Lake contributes to Rishikesh.

Sham Valley Trek 2020


Perhaps the most uncomplicated and most pleasing trek around Lek is your Sham Valley one, that gives the familiar odour of this Ladakh village life in the cities you encounter on the road. There’s not any way an individual can be left unaffected by the fantasy land which was changed due to this flow that’s mowing the grounds and bringing abundance and wild all-natural beauty.

Eventually, Likir, Ridzong and Temisgang accompany you if trekking through the lovely Ladakh trek course.

You will find any critical hardship while trekking the trails and you also never moan over 4,500. You will run into many villages and get accustomed to the natives who’ve retained their habits and manners unaffected by time. You’re able to remain at local homes that are made for village Residence remain and also a camera is an essential addition to your backpack because both viewpoints and individuals are a gorgeous sight to catch.

Stok Kangri Trek 2020


Among the most exciting places on Earth will be Stok Kangri which is located in the gorgeous region of Ladakh. Ladakh is found in the northern province of India and is famed for empathy and service of its residents. Leh the funding of Ladakh is located at the peak of 3500-3800 mts of sea level along with the most daring spot for the trekking fans. Trekking in Leh will be the very best alternative for trekking in India, and therefore it attracts tourist from each corner of the earth. Stok Kangri is just one such summit that’s gained enormous recognition in the past couple of decades. Illustrating the Himalayan range using a broader view, this trek embrace abandoned surroundings and supply its trekkers the chance to go through the comprehensive peace. The whole course has integrated many ridges so that you can genuinely feel that the sudden shift in the landscape. In the winter, the entire scene attains an ideal magnificence.


Tarsar Marsar Trek 2020


Delight in this Tarsar Marsar Trek with family and friends for a rejuvenating experience. Enthral inside this riveting trek into the maximum summit in the area, crowned in a towering height of about 13,000ft. Mesmerize at the magnificent beauty enveloping the whole area.

An excellent trek, get prepared to unravel different organic bounties while focusing with this gleeful trek. Tarsar Marsar trek is a heaven for nature lovers in addition to wildlife enthusiast, although brace to a few special sighting of uncommon species such as Bar Brackets geese, Choughs, Golden eagles, black bulbuls, musk deer, snow leopard, brown bear and also the gold marmot.

This day trek starting from Srinagar will supply you a number of the most exceptional sceneries and minutes that you cherish for life. Camp onto a riverside when enjoying the panoramic landscapes, love the calmness enveloping this whole area and tease the treasure of quiet while embarking on this beautiful Tarsar Marsar trek together with your family and friends enjoy Himalayan treks. 

Tosh Valley Trek 2020


For its sheer topographic diversity, this nation provides a selection of adventure activities to indulge inside. You can explore all of these geographical areas throughout your Tosh Valley trekking excursion because this trek virtually comprises them all.

Situated in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, Tosh is a puppy valley of this magnificent Parvati Valley. This stunning and tranquil valley is among the very exquisite, where you can float through the lush green expanses of meadows. Kasol, that’s the beginning in addition to the finishing stage of the Tosh Valley trekking trip, is a beautiful place to roam about and indulge in enjoyable activities in the slightest. Because of its scenic environment of emerald hills, this area has taken to prominence among nature lovers and adventure fans. The Tosh Valley trek is slim, but since you ascend higher, the road broadens using a massive stretch of verdant foliage. Using its great alternatives for pleasure and enthusiasm, this trek has no dearth of surprises. Undoubtedly this trek using its distinctive fusion of picturesque and thrilling environment guarantees you an adventure of life.


Valley of Flowers Trek 2020(Himalayas)


This is a spellbinding trek at a subtropical Himalayan valley, even a World Heritage Site, very long recognized by famous mountaineers, botanists, also in literature. Valley of Flowers trek was widely popular among avid trekkers and novices alike!

This national park at the much insides of Garhwal Himalayas (Uttarakhand) has been dispersed across 87.5 sq. Km. This hidden gem is a distinctive habitat, home to several endemic types of alpine flowers and crops. This valley reaches an elevation of 3250 m and over. Through the years many fans from throughout the world have been doing the valley of flowers trek merely to be abandoned spellbound with its attractiveness.


Every Himalayan trek is beautiful in it’s own way, but few treks are just incredible.

If you are a beginner – Try Valley of Flowers Trek 2020, Hampta Pass Trek 2020, Triund Trek 2020, Kheerganga Trek 2020.

If you have done few treks in past – Roopkund Trek 2020, Kedarkantha Trek 2020, Kedartal Trek 2020, Markha Valley Trek 2020, Everest Base Camp Trek 2020.

If You are an expert trekker – Chadar Trek 2020, Kalindi Khal Trek, Panpatia top trek, Aunden’s Col Trek.

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