Leh Ladakh Trip – Things You Must Not Do

Planning a Leh Ladakh Bike trip with friends? Finally got an itch to tick this off your bucket list? Good! Before you get excited and start dreaming about the much awaited Leh Ladakh Tour, here are the list of things you must NOT do in the Ladakh Trip.


  • Travelling when you are not physically fit: Yes, your friends are fit because they hit the gym. It’s about getting through the difficult terrains without falling sick and enjoying the ride. Remember in this Leh Ladakh Trip, Journey counts more than the destination.
  • Travelling on roads and Mountains is not the same: You may be an experienced rider in roads in plain lands. But that wouldn’t determine how good you would be on mountain road. The terrains would be difficult and challenging, but nevertheless don’t let that stop you. Make sure you have spare parts and safety gear in advance.
  • Travelling without any prior planning: Agreed, you like adventure and make impromptu plans. But make sure you research about the place, time and weather depending on the season you are visiting.
  • Going overboard with the plans: Just because you are told to plan, doesn’t mean you make mental calculations of everything. The distance from Manali to Leh is about 400 plus some hours. No, you can’t plan that you would cover that distance in one day. Know about the place. Make an itinerary, but don’t be overconfident of your riding capabilities and overdo it.
  • Relying on Technology for plans: Just like the above mentioned point, don’t blindly rely upon Google maps/ something you read online to fix the time frames for your journey. The real bike ride may take longer/ shorter depending on how you choose to pursue.
  • Not taking Necessary/Essential Kits- Not taking into account lot of people get mountain sickness. Having medical kit, survival kit, toiletries, safety gear, spare parts of Bike, extra cash (you can never rely on the crowded ATMs), extra SIM cards (preferably BSNL) is an absolute necessity. These are the precautionary steps one MUSTN’T overlook.
  • Not layering your clothes- No, you are not Kareena Kapoor from 3 idiots or SRK from Jab Tak hai Jaan. Make sure you layer your clothes so that you can add or remove accordingly. Don’t, I repeat, don’t remove your shirt/ t-shirts for photographs.
  • Travelling without breaks- Yes your physically strong and have prior experience is such Road trips, but don’t let that make you overconfident. You need to take breaks and let your body acclimatize to the weather. Make sure you have a pit stop and have a cup of chai to recharge yourself before you resume.
  • Sleeping at the high altitude – Oxygen levels are low at high altitudes; it may get difficult to breathe and lead to hypoxia. The hypoxic stress may bring out different reactions from the body.
  • Not carrying enough food- The chances are very low where you can rely upon the local vendor for food. Either you will return empty handed or they will be priced too high.
  • Photographing everything- Many would probably plan this trip because you want to take selfies and instagram it. I am not adverse towards photography, but keep in mind the journey is a feast to eyes and not to the camera lens. Take a stop and take loads of pictures before you resume. The intent to photograph shouldn’t be the only goal for this trip. Having a photography boot camp on this route is different from the road trip.
  • Planning the trip as Honeymoon trip/Leisure trip: This is not weekend leisure trip that you usually plan. It’s mentally and physically excruciating. If you want to relaxing trip, then this might not be for you.
  • Not having the permit/papers: Make sure you have your license, insurance papers, inner line permit to ride inside the town else all you planning will go down the drain. Having said all the list of don’ts, make sure your research and planning should fuel your excitement for the trip safely and not tire you out. Photograph with your eyes and camera as well. Just planning wouldn’t suffice; make sure you take the road trip as planned. After all these are roads that are less travelled, it makes all the difference.

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