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As the name of the package suggests this package focuses on the exclusive parts of Ladakh along with the local exploration. Exclusive is among the right words used to describe Ladakh. It is indeed exclusive and a unique place to visit for a vacation. It is special destination for the family vacations Leh Packages includes the best of Ladakh. Exclusive Leh packages strives to focus on the most exclusive and popular parts of Ladakh.

This includes the valleys, mountain passes, Lakes, Rivers, Monasteries, Rides, Safaris, Mines, Villages and a lot more. The list is quite long when it comes to Ladakh. The place itself is a mine of the best sceneries and mesmerizing beauties. The waters and snow covered mountains of the Ladakh tour makes you imagine the paradise on earth. The stress and negativity within oneself is drained of with this travelling experience.

The mountain peaks of Ladakh embraces one with all its beauty and the chilling air seems to sing the welcome song along with the music of the clear gushing waters. The streams and lakes provide you with the best of sunrise and sunsets when it comes to the Pangong Lake which is a part of the trip.

The part which makes this tour different is the local sightseeing of Stongdey, Zangla palace, Karsha and Sani Gompa and many more of the exclusive places which are included in this package and make it different and special in comparison to the other packages. Stongdey Monastery is among the most popular monasteries which are a part of the divine and pure Buddhist Culture at Ladakh. The monastery is the a perfect example of the ancient era with its beauty and architecture.

The Leh packages gives you an insight to the culture and living of the locals by making the passengers visit Rangdum, Karsekar, Korzok, Panamik and Dha villages. Villages are an important part of the tour of Ladakh as these remind you of the long forgotten cultures of the place. The people here preserve it for us and the coming generations with love and respect.

Padum is one of the best places to stay while you are returning from the long ride to Kargil.  Padum is the town which is the only centre of administration (Zanskar). This spot is a must to cover in this package as it gives the required rest from the journey with its peaceful environment and the trekking of Padum is quite famous. Being the adventurer and explorer one must try the trekking here.

For the explorer within oneself there are Leh Ladakh bike trips which are one of the best parts of travelling Ladakh. The camel rides are a must through the cold deserts of Ladakh. The double humped camels which are rarely found (only in Ladakh and Mongolia). These two are the rides of a lifetime. The memories that you take back from these trips are incredible.

Kargil visit during this trip reminds you of the wars and the sacrifices of our army. The museums at Ladakh are a reminder of the history details regarding these wars and also a deep knowledge about the cultures of Ladakh lies in the folded pages of history.

The architectural beauty and the creative minds of people can be seen by the Zangla Palace, Leh Palace, Leh Market and Maitreya. Maitreya is a Buddhist statue reminding of the times during which the missionaries (Buddhist) moved in. It is a symbol of the Bodhisattva which is referred to as the ‘Buddha of future time’. It is reminder of the Buddhist culture that lives long along with the statue that symbolizes the long and never ending stay of the culture on the lands of Ladakh.

Zangla Palace is quite an example of the architectural works of the people of Ladakh which has been here for a long time. The Leh palace and monasteries are just a fraction of what the human mind can think and create. The Leh package covers all of this and many other exclusive factors and places of Ladakh.

Leh Market gives a view over the local art and craft and also of the ecological ways that keep peace among the people of Ladakh. It is a well known fact about the Ladakh market that when one loses the market some or the others parties move forward for not only their own fortune but also to uplift the business of the ones falling apart. The peace maintained here at Ladakh is applaud able.

The water bodies at Ladakh are quite a view. The tour takes you to the Pangong Lake, Shyok river, Tsomoriri Lake, Tsokar Lake. The Pangong lake is the most popular among all of them as the scenery around it is very soothing and if one decides to stay at Pangong Lake then they are able to witness the most amazing sunrise and sunsets. The Pangong Lake makes you drown all the stress and negativities within its water and experience the peace within. The Tso moriri and Tsokar Lake are all beauties of the Mother Nature and are a must visit. On the way one witnesses the blue waters of the Shyok River which is quite a sight during the travelling time.

Passes like Polakongka, Tsang la are taken while travelling from one place to another. The best part about these passes is that they do let your travelling be a boring burden. It instead makes the trip worth the while.

The passes and Valleys are the parts of travelling which keeps one excited throughout the trip as the sight of the snowy mountains and gushing waters makes you think of the trip to last longer.

The last of the days of the tour are meant for the local travelling which includes your Leh Palace, Leh market and Shanti Stupa. The Leh palace will remind you during the last days of your trip about all the architectural beauties that you have visited throughout your tour.

The Leh Market gives us the time to think over the lovely culture of the locals at Ladakh. From this market one may buy something to take home as a reminder of the amazing and most adventurous ride of their lives. The Shanti Stupa holds the peace within you as you are about to leave the land of spirituality so that it stands still.


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