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The Himalayan Range which is standing tall as the northern barrier of India, is famous for its serene lakes and untraveled paths. Perhaps it’s not the only reason; the Trans Himalayan Bike Trip is another feather added to these snow-capped mountains in Ladakh Trip Package. The Trans Himalayan Range or the Ladakh Bike Trip Package includes the Ladakh and the Zanskar ranges which are the home for innumerable surprises and astonishments. Leh-Manali Road Trip is one of the world’s most interesting and most exciting and adventurous trail. Though this road opens for only four and a half months in an year, it still happens to be the most awaited route to be travelled by the world’s best bikers. An acclaimed biker will always look forward to drive these roads which lead to a heavenly experience.

Though being a challenging road for driving, Leh- Manali road trip has attracted more travelers than the other Srinagar-Leh route which is comparatively considered easy Read More for Leh Trip Package Route 2. The highs and lows of the Leh – Manali Highway introduces you to different natural terrains like the verdant valleys lined with grazing sheep herds, rugged desolated wastelands, tiny towns with warm welcoming inhabitants and many more wonders which cannot be imagined. The drive starts at Leh-Ladakh where we acclimatize for a couple of days witnessing the local beauties, then continue to climb the heights starting from Khardungla Pass at 18,380 feet above sea level to the Rohtang Pass at 13,050 feet during the descent to exit the Lahaul Valley.

This Trans Himalayan Biking Group Trip takes place every year for people from various walks of life to gather around, motivate and share compassion to help them drive through their ambitions and passions. The trip is considered to be very strenuous, which just not requires physical strength but also a lot of mental strength to drive through the deserted and desolated lands of the Ladakh and Zankar Ranges. Gathering hundreds of people and helping them tick Leh-Manali Bike trip off their bucket-list makes us very delightful. The Trans-Himalayan Bike trip is also a trip which boosts your strength as it draws a lot of cosmic energy resting in the tall standing mountains.

Starting from Leh, Ladakh road trip travels on an average 13,000 feet elevation which increases the possibility of Acute Mountain Sickness. Be very careful by hydrating yourself frequently and prevent dizziness y smelling camphor as prescribed by the local tribes. The frequently changing weather while passing through different geographical elevations and depressions all in the same day is a trilling experience.

The energy from meditating at Diskit Monastery and Thiske Monastery will help the bikers to stay focus on the roads with flowing water drains with different speeds. The rejuvenating experience from the Nubra Valley– Sand Dunes, spectacular views of the colour changing Pangong Lake, river side drives by the banks of Indus, Nile, Zankar and Shyok and the peaceful effect by the green spread in the Lahaul Valley have there on impacts on driving. The Trans-Himalayan Group Bike trip will just not leave you with beautiful pictures for your wall of fame also some warm relationships having a ever-reminding story behind every picture.


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