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Ladakh, the land of many possibilities, the world of adventure for a lot of its visitors. Each Leh Tour package, each Leh trip, each tour seems to take us to a different part of it and in a different way and yet there is so much left to discover. It makes me wonder about Ladakh as a wonderland with an infinite number of possibilities and explorations lying ahead. With each Leh Tour package it feels to be somewhat closer to the end of it yet so far.

The Line of Control tour package is about to taking control of the tour to most of the parts of Ladakh. The main criteria of this package to cover a larger are with this small trip of 11 Days.

The package starts the tour with the Sham Valley which is one of the most mesmerizing scenery of Ladakh. The greeting mountains of this valley seem to embrace you on your first day. The blue water of the Indus River flowing by sings to you the welcome song with its water flowing and making the soothing music while gushing at the shores. As the place seems to have a change in altitude the body seems to learn to adapt to these changes showing the magic of nature. The creations of god, which seem to mix with each other’s nature with just a slight contact of the air between them. The package also includes one more symbol of beauty the Nubra Valley which is also one of the beautiful sceneries and the Sham Valley and Nubra Valley both leave the tourists awestruck with their unimaginable glittering snowy mountains and crystal clear waters.

The Leh Tour package not only includes places of history but also the places which remind us of the wars, the prides, the sacrifices that our soldiers have made. The history that is glorious as we won and also terrorizing as we remember those wars and the bloodshed. The spots like Batalik, Kargil, Turtuk which are a living memory of these wars.  Batalik (famous warzone) and Kargil are the ones which remind us of the wars with Pakistan fought at the time of 1999. These remind us of our unforgettable victory and also sharp strategies of our soldiers which won us a war which was extremely tough to win. Yet seeing this also reminds us of their sacrifices and bloodshed. These places fill your heart with the patriotic love and dedication for your country. Turtuk reminds us of the times during 1971. During that war this village was captured by our soldiers from the clutches of Pakistan. A visit to the Tyakshi, the dividing border between India and Pakistan is quite a view. These places are quite a trip to remember for a lifetime.

Leh tour package have more to them. It includes cultures which are long forgotten in other parts of the country as we all are affected by the western culture nowadays. The culture at Ladakh seems to have grown even more with time. The people of Ladakh preserve their culture with their love. The package takes you Dha-Hanu which is known for its Indo Aryan race inhabitants and this place is considered the last one to have the privilege of their presence. They preserve their cultures in their festivals and attires which is different from the Tibetan culture followed in the rest of Ladakh.

The monasteries on the other side preserve the traditional culture of the people of Ladakh. They continue with the divine series of traditions based on the Buddhist cultures. The scriptures imprinted on the walls of these monasteries remind of the old time rituals, cultures and beliefs. They give you the peace residing within you, still waiting to be unleashed. The positivity that you experience at these monasteries is valuable and precious. The package includes the most beautiful and oldest monasteries like Lamayuru, Alchi which are not only a symbol of the divine culture but a living example of the ancient architecture. The structure is so beautiful and strong that is makes you imagine the powers that people have in their minds and hands to create. The power of creation and imagination bestowed by the divine over these people. The Gurudwara (Pathar) is also one of the divine places that you’ll be visiting during this tour.

Moving forward the package that’s its passengers to Hanle which is also a reminder of history. Hanle is not only a part of the history but also a part of development taking place on the lands of this paradise. It is the place holding World’s second largest (gamma ray) telescope within the Indian Astronomical Observatory. This observatory covers parts of Hanle, Tsang La and Chushul Village. Hnale also reminds us of the time when King Singge Namgyal after his expedition of mongols died at Hanle.

The Package takes you the waters of Pangong Lake which has one of the most beautiful sunrise and sunset. While visiting it one seems to drown of his/her stress and fears in the water of Pangong Lake. The package also includes the Tsomoriri Lake and Tsokar Lake which is also quite a beauty.

The tour includes the adventurous mountains and passes like Nurpa Pass, Polakongka Pass, Taklang La Pass and Tsanga La. The mountain peaks cover the passengers from all sides as they pass through them. It is quite a sight to watch the snow covered mountains and if one is lucky enogh to try the bikes then it’s a dream come true. The Leh Ladakh bike rides are one of the best parts of the Leh Ladakh tours. The villages during this tour help you to connect with the culture of the locals living at Ladakh. Chushul and Korzok villages are the stops during the tour that brings you the culture of the locals and the Leh market tour brings you even closer to them as you see their long lived handicraft art.

During the tour you are also able to visit the Sulphur mines, Puga as you move to Leh on your return. The Leh Palace and Shanti Stupa are the last stops which give you the insight to the beauty of royalty and spirituality with the last days of your tour.

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