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The Dzongri Trek is a short high altitude trek in Sikkim. It is located in the Himalayas between the China to the North, Bhutan to East and Nepal to the Eastern frontier. Sikkim is considered to be the crowning glory of Himalayas. This is a hidden gem in the North-Eastern region where trekkers get captivating views of the beautiful landscapes and variety of wildlife. This trek is called Walking in Paradise’ which is a traveler’s delight. Trekkers come across the snowy white peaks all around Dzongri, with the streaks of green and gold.  See the different species of rare animals and birds that creates an urge to explore the region deeper. Trekkers experience sustained excitement as they come across valleys and deep gorges all through. All adventurists and nature enthusiasts look forward for this trek even though this location is remote.  Trek through the forests of Rhododendrons and the valleys covered with lichen and moss. Trekkers can also go for a birding expedition and see the Bharal (Blue sheep).


About Yuksom Dzongri Trek:

Dzongri trek transports trekkers to the heart of the enchanting landscape of Sikkim. Trek through the harsh terrains and undergo challenging and wonderful trails. This trek gives some views of the splendid peaks – Kabru (7,353 m), Ratong (6,678 m), Kanchenjunga (8,534 m), Koktang (6,147 m), Pandim (6,691 m) and Narsingh (5,825 m). Trekkers see the waterfalls, sunset points like Tiger Hill in Darjeeling that are rare astonishing sights. Dzongri trek is classified as moderate and provides majestic sights of valleys and mountains. The temperature may go below freezing point anytime during the year. The trail passes through dense forests of Sikkim Himalayas until the highest point of Dzongri at 5000 m from where one can see the beautiful Kanchenjunga peaks. Also, see the beautiful lake of Khecheopalri – it is believed to be a place where the birds don’t allow any leaves to fall on the lake. This trek starts at Yuksom. The chirping of birds and beautiful view of the lakes is really a wonderful experience for trekkers to start the Dzongri trek.


Highlights of Trek To Dzongri:

  • One of the short high elevation trek.
  • Traverse through some of the most beautiful valleys and see the splendid view of the Himalayas.
  • Relax watching the snow covered peaks, small rivulets and streams.
  • Admire the beauty of the peaks of Kabru, Ratong, Kanchenjunga, Koktang, Pandim and Narsingh.
  • Be with nature to its fullest watching waterfalls, exotic flowers, forests and meadows.
  • Explore the ancient Pemayangtse Monastery – oldest monasteries in Sikkim.
  • Spend some time with the locals and know about the culture and tradition
  • See the beautiful tea gardens on the way.


Key Facts about Dzongri Trek:

Region North East Region – Sikkim, Himalayas
Starting Point Yuksom
Ending Point Yuksom
Duration 11 Days 10 Nights
Ideal Time The best time to visit this place is in Summer (April- June) as the region is warm, sunny and pleasant. In Autumn cool winds blow. During monsoon the region receives heavy rainfall and is not suitable for visit.
Temperature The day temperature is warm, pleasant and salubrious and ranges between 15*C-20*C and in the night it drops to -3*C with heavy snowfall.
Level Moderate. Trekkers need to be physically fit. Suggested to undergo regular exercises, cardio vascular programs before undertaking this trip.  Should be free of ailments. This trek is a little bit technical trek, and trekkers should have deep knowledge of mountaineering expertise.
Total Distance 50 Kms
Maximum Elevation Dzongri trek starts at a minimum elevation of 9689 ft at the Mt. Bhakim and reaches a maximum of 4000 m at the Dzongri pass.
Weather The best time to visit this place is in summer as the temperature is warm and pleasant and ranges between 15*C-22*C. In winter the temperature drops to -4*C and the region receives heavy snowfall.
Communication Most of the prepaid mobiles do not get signals, and many times only intermittent signals. There are lot of PCO and landline booths available for communication. After crossing Yuksom and Jorethang, connectivity is completely lost till Legship. In case of emergency only satellite communication and VoIP communication works.
ATM Point The last ATM point is at Jorethang before the trek starts.



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