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The word “ROOPKUND” means- “Skeleton or Mystery Lake”. This high altitude glacial lake is located in the heart of Uttarakhand. Trekkers have to encounter several adversities in the Himalayas and this beautiful water body is located in the exotic snowcapped Mount Trishul that is situated at an altitude of 16,499 ft – Enthusiastic trekker should undertake this challenging trip. There are human skeletons, below the lake, that is clearly visible when the snow melts which adds a spine chilling experience for plenty of visitors during Roopkund Trek.

The entire route of this trek is a fascinating journey in the exploration of the Himalayan peaks, the Oak, and the blooming Rhododendron forests. Roopkund trek is graded as a moderate, and takes trekkers through the routes of snow capped mountains, rivers, ridges, lush green forests and beautiful meadows. Memories of this adventurous trek will linger on forever.

About the Roopkund Trek:

Trek to Roopkund passes thru dense forests, murmuring brooks, beautiful campsites and the lush green meadows. Trekkers get ready for an adventurous experience, as they climb 8,000 ft  – 16,000 ft in 8 days.

  • This trek starts from the second day to the glacial lake of Roopkund. The Lord Curzon route starting from Lohajung, reaches the pass uphill and leads to Bedni river.
  • On the third day, trekkers can see the beautiful Garhwal Himalayas, and further proceed to Didna village and reach Ali Bugyal.
  • On the fourth day start the trek from ALI BUGYAL to GHORA LOTANI as they continue to witness the beauty of the Himalayas. On the way see the Himalayan Magpie.
  • On the fifth day trek from GHORA LOTANI till BHAGWABASA. Trail goes through the high altitudes, curved trails with piercing icy cold winds. Trekkers bypass the KALU VINAYAK temple, and finally reach Bhagwasa.
  • On the sixth day pass through Bhagwabasa to Roopkund Lake, and reach Bedni Bugyal. The TRISHUL has many unexplored places, and lot of fascinating and interesting stories.
    • Trekkers get astonished by the captivating views of glorious and splendid Garhwali Himalayas which extend upto Gangotri.
  • On the seventh day trekkers start their trek back from BEDNI BUGYAL to LOHAJUNG and get hypnotized by the blooming Rhododendrons. The trails are steep at the Neel Ganga until trekkers arrive at Wan.

Roopkund Trek Highlights:

Some of the highlights of this trek are:

  • Enjoy the wonderful rivulets, streams and breathtaking views of the campsites during the trek.
  • Camp near the cascading water under the starry skies and one can star gaze and have a small bonfire with friends.
  • Trek through the forests of Oak, Fir and Rhododendrons.
  • Witness some of the rare and unique flora and fauna of this region.
  • Stunning views of Mt. Trishul till they climb the top. The region surrounded by the Himalayan peaks and is a photographer’s delight – Admire the beautiful peaks of Chaukhamba, Kedarnath, Neelkanth and Kedar Dom.
  • Spend some time enjoying the beauty of small streams on the way.
  • Have a cup of tea and mix with the locals to understand their culture and tradition.

Key Facts about the Trek To Roopkund:

Region Garhwal Region, Himalayas – Chamoli District – Uttarakhand.
Starting Point Lohajung
Ending Point Lohajung
Duration 8 Days 7 Nights
Ideal Time The best time to visit this place is March- June as the region is warm and pleasant with clear and sunny skies. During June- September the region receives heavy rainfall and it is not an ideal for visit.
Temperature The temperature during the day is between 13*C- 18*C and it drops to -7*C at nights.
Level Moderately difficult. This trek is a high altitude trek, and needs tremendous acclimatization because as trekkers scale high up in the mountains where there is an oxygen drop. Suggested to undergo regular physical training and cardio vascular exercises at least 3 months before the trek. Most importantly, trekkers should be free of ailments.
Total Distance 53 Kms
Maximum Elevation The trek starts at a minimum elevation of 3200 ft at Lohajung and reaches a maximum altitude of 15,696 ft at the Roopkund pass.
Weather The best time to visit this trek is in summer as the temperature is warm and pleasant ranging between 20*C-25*C. In winters it drops to -5*C and the entire region receives heavy snowfall and remains frozen with sheets of snow.
Communication There is connectivity till Lohajung. After crossing Lohajung the connectivity is lost. There are lot of BSNL landline networks installed that are available here. In case of emergency only satellite communication works.
ATM Point The last ATM point is at Dewal before the trek starts.

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