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About Satopanth Lake

Located in the midst of snow-capped peaks at an altitude of 15,100 ft, Satopanth Lake is a glacial lake which allures adventurists to add the accomplishment of one more impressive trek in their biography. This Satopanth lake is located 25 Km from the sacred town of Badrinath amidst the imposing ranges of the Garhwal region. This lake is triangular in shape and a perfect detour from a pilgrimage to Badrinath. Although located only 25 kilometers from the famous temple of Badrinath, the path has a lot of hidden treasures. The brief space of Satopanth Trek is well-compensated using a regular change in sceneries.

The Satopanth Lake has significant holy and ancient importance as it is said that on the holy day of Ekadashi, Lord Vishnu took bath in this lake and is the only place where all Hindu Gods assemble to embark their divine presence. With the perimeter of one kilometer, this lake is of crystal green color. It is believed that the three corners of the lake are the sacred part of the holy trinity, namely Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh who meditated at three of the respective corners. Many devout pilgrims also trek for the lake for bathing on lunar and solar fortnights since it’s considered most auspicious.

The lake is regarded to be of spiritual significance to the regional people; inhabitants of Mana village throw the ashes of the deceased in the lake. There is a small home built where Mauni Baba is living and it is a common belief that he can live on only sun and air if food is unavailable.

 About The Satopanth Lake Trek

Satopanth Lake Trek starts from Mana Village, which is 3 Km away from Badrinath and houses a natural rock bridge called Bhim Pul. The Satopanth Lake Trek is a bit precarious but the risk is well rewarded with breathtaking scenic views. The trek boasts abundant surreal viewpoints and contains glacial and boulder walks too. Throughout the event, one gets the chance to watch 400ft waterfall; Vasudhara Falls, near to village on India-China border, Mana and receive extraordinary views of high peaks such as Neelkanth, Chaukhamba, and Swargarohini.

Satopanth Lake trek begins at Badrinath but we will pick you up from Haridwar/Rishikesh and reach Joshimath on Day 1. On Day 2 we will drive from Joshimath to Badrinath and pay a visit to the holy temple. We will start our trek on day 3 from Mana village. The drive from Haridwar to Joshimath is along tributaries of Ganga, hugging the mountainside and you can see the forests and valleys of Garhwal below you.

The trek starts from Mana Village and later crossing this village we’ll enter into the green valley of Vasundhara. This is basically where the trek begins. On this afternoon, trekkers could feast their eyes to the 400-feet waterfall of Vasundhara, the gorgeous birch woods of Laxmiban along with the Balakun, in which two enormous glaciers converge.

On Day 4, the green forested environment transforms into strong ridge walks across glacial moraines of Dhano Glacier. On Day 5, the stroll into Satopanth Lake is really a magical ridge walk. The lake stays hidden until the very last minute of touch. On Day 6, we will return to Mana village via Chakratirtha and Laxmiban. The trek to Satopanth Lake winds up at Haridwar after you reach there via Joshimath, the same route you took to reach Satopanth Lake.

Satopanth Lake Trek Highlights

  • Witness the dreamlike green lake Satopanth
  • Natural rock bridge, Bheem Pul
  • Watch the waterfall of Vasundhara
  • Experience majestic glaciers, Dhano Glacier
  • Walk through the last village of India, ‘Mana’
  • Spectacular views of some of the Himalayan peaks like Chaukhamba, Neelkanth, and Swargarohini
  • Camping by the Satopanth Lake, under the open sky
  • Camping on snow drifted forest floor.

Key Facts

  • Region: Garhwal Himalayas, Uttarakhand
  • Duration: 7 Days/6Nights
  • Difficulty: Moderate-Tough
  • Trekking Distance: 50 Km
  • Highest Altitude: 15,420 ft
  • Trip Starting Point: Haridwar/Rishikesh
  • Nearest Railway Station: Haridwar
  • Nearest Airport: Dehradun
  • Atm: ATMs are there in Joshimath and Badrinath


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