Considered to be the world’s second highest motorable passes, Tanglang La pass is located in the Ladakh region. It is at the height of 5328 meters above the sea level which is 17,480 feet. The pass is where the native Changpa Herdsman live. There is a holy temple on top of the pass. HISTORY It

Situated on the National Highway 1D, linking Srinagar and Leh is the Zojila Pass, a high mountain pass in Jammu and Kashmir. It is in the western segment of the Himalayan mountain range. Zoji La Pass is at the height of 3528m that would be around 11,649 ft, above the sea level. It is quite

Also known as the pillar of the sky pass, for it is one of the highest passes in India, Namika La pass is located in the Zanskar Valley on the way that leads to Mulbek valley. Namika in local language means one that holds the sky. It is one of the tallest passes in India

Fotu La Pass is also called as Fatu La. It is also a mountain range that comes in the Srinagar Leh highway, in the Zanskar range of Himalayas. Of the three passes in the highway 1D, this is the highest point at an elevation of 4108 meters r somewhat 13,478 feet above the sea level.

Baralacha La is at an elevation of 4890 meters or 16,040 feet above the sea level in the Zanskar range of the Himalayas. The word’ Baralacha’ denotes ‘a pass in a summit wherein crossroads meet in the Tibetan language. It has in it a pretty lake called Suraj Lake that is emeraldish in color. This

Located at an elevation of 5360 meters or 7 590 feet above the sea level, Chang La Pass is a mountain pass in Ladakh. Often claims are made that it is the second largest motorable road in the world. HISTORY Changala Baba is associated with this pass. There is a temple on top of the

Located at Leh-Manali highway, Lachulang la Pass is situated in between Sarchu and Pang. It is located at the height of 5,059 meters above the sea level. HISTORY It had in the ancient times served as a trade route and as a religious center. LOCATION AND CLIMATE It is located at 16616 feet above the