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Jispa is a Scenic village at the Lahaul District of Himachal Pradesh in the banks of Bhaga river. Jispa is situated 20 kilometers north west of Keylong and seven kilometers south east of Dharcha, and the Manali-Leh Highway. There are roughly 20 cities involving Jispa and Keylong. Situated at the height of 10,500 ft , with only 78 household, this village serves as a halt for travelers going towards Leh.

Travelers usually spend their nights in this town to relax and spend some time in the lap of Himalayas. The village has a helipad, a monastery, folk museum, a hotel, mountaineer’s hut, a post office, and a campground. Jispa is not just a resting spot it’s a destination where visitors usually spend their nights in camps or in hotel. This Location will Likely Construct two new monasteries- Yarji along with Photang- in Which His Own holiness Dalai Lama gave the Kal Chakra sermon into the Buddhists Living in different Areas of Earth. The construction is going on for the monasteries.

Things to do in Jispa :

  • Stay in camp for a night or two : riding from Manali to Leh in one day is almost next to impossible as the journey will be time taking and exhausting. Jispa is best place to rest and to indulge in adventure. Tourists are suggested to stay in camp in Jispa, sleeping with the sound of Bhaga river and waking up with songs of birds. The campsite covers a wide area in Jispa and is set within apricot orchards giving it a mesmerizing view.
hotel dekho
  • Visitors can take morning walk by the river or indulge in greenery of the region. The tents are modern and comfortable with nice beds with attached bathrooms. The price will be higher from June to August and comparatively low in September as it is the off season. Electricity will also be there in tents and sometimes there is light drizzle in night so there will be moisture but tents are waterproof.Campsite offer adventure and trekking to nearest hill. One should stay in a camp for a adventurous trip to Ladakh.


  • Night stay at Hotel Jispa : There is only one hotel in this peaceful village that is Hotel Ibex or commonly known as Hotel Jispa. Visitors who prefer more comfort can stay at this hotel. The service of the hotel is very nice and staff even with minimum resources try to provide a comfortable stay to guests.
  • Visit to Folk museum : There is a small museum in the town with items which remind the history and way of life of the residents of the Tod Valley of the Lahaul district ,where Jispa is located. It give insight of their culture, traditions, beliefs, values , history and achievements of the local people. Museum is a must visit place to in Jispa.


  • Buy handicrafts from local market : There is a small local market with few general stores usually run by ex-serviceman , most of the people are retired army officers. Local handicraft items are made by women of this town and visitors can get a beautiful item as a souvenir at a very reasonable price.
  • Visit to monastery : There is a small monastery in the town and construction of two monasteries is going on. There are small Buddhist stupas and one can witness worship flags slipping in the wind giving a serene environment in the region. Visit these monasteries for praying for the journey and experience the local Buddhist culture and beliefs of people. Visitors often stay there for meditation and to enjoy the serenity and calmness of the Himalayas. The breathtaking view of the mountains and Bhaga river flowing by the side make Jispa a pure and serene with it’s own simplicity,a beautiful destination in Himachal Pradesh.
  • Explore the region : Wake up early in the morning to soak yourself in drizzle and chilled air coming from the mountains. Take a walk by the river, look for spot for picnic and enjoy your day there. Mountains give so much to explore and one can stroll in the town to experience beauty at such height. Bright golden sunshine makes the day warm and lovely and even with sounds of vehicle and tanks passing by the highway, the village is as peaceful as any other village in country. Mud houses and stupas with flags all around make this a lovely place to relax and enjoy rest of the journey. Enjoy hospitality of the local people as native people are very friendly and nice and take a sip of Himalayan tea with snacks and experience Buddhist culture in a small village of India.

Recommendation :

There are some of suggestion for traveling to Jispa. They are-

  • Carry umbrella, torches and insect repellent if you are planning to stay in camps.
  • Carry extra winter wear should be carried as weather is unpredictable and can change anytime.
  • Recommend stay is of two days to experience the beauty at higher altitude.
  • Carry medicines for sickness of altitude.


How to reach Jispa:

Jispa can be reached through road only as nearest airport is Kullu(180 kms) and Leh (335 kms) .Himachal roadways buses are also available from Manali to reach Jispa but mostly driving by their own is preferred by the visitors.

If you are driving from Delhi it will take about 12 hours to cover the 550 km to Kullu via Ambala, Chandigarh, Roopnagar (Ropar), Bilaspur and Mandi. You could carry on for another 50 km to Manali. Night stay at any two towns are mostly preferred by drivers. In the early morning head for Jispa which is located about 145 km from Manali via Rohtang Pass. The 51 km drive from Manali to Rohtang can take about three to four hours. It is a steep slope, the road quality is fine and sometimes traffic can halt at places due to landslides or broken down vehicles due to accidents. It will take around 17-18 hours to reach Jispa from Delhi. Stay there for a night or two and head towards Leh.

Best time to visit :


The Manali- Leh Highway is open from June to September as it is the summer season in the region. The best time to visit Jispa is in these months. If you are low in budget and want to stay without crowd of tourist in the village then months of August and September should be preferred.

Jispa sitting like a platform around the Himalayas is a perfect getaway for people who are looking for serenity and calmness. It offers more than what is asked .




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