Ladakh Union Territory – All You Need To Know {No More Article 370}

Ladakh is a beautiful region, in the northern part of India. Earlier till 4th August 2019, Ladakh used to be a part of former Indian state Jammu & Kashmir. But, on Monday 5th August 2019, Union Home Minister of India “Amit Shah” introduced a bill to remove Article 370, which provides a special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

In addition to this, Respected Home Minister of India, moved a bill bifurcating that Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh will be the two Union Territories with the immediate effect.

What kind of Union Territory will be Ladakh?

  • Ladakh will be a Union Territory as per the sources but it will not have any Legislative Assembly.
  • Central Government of India will govern all the laws in Ladakh UT.
  • Development Funds for Ladakh Union Territory will be provided by Central Govt. of India.

What Travelers Can Expect From Ladakh Union Territory

  • More Safety – As Ladakh UT will be directly monitored by Govt of India, you can expect best safety.
  • More Travel Opportunities – New Roads may open soon in Ladakh UT after scraping article 370.

Is Ladakh A Union Territory?

Yes, Ladakh is an Union Territory of India. On Monday August 5th, Ladakh UT status will be official on the immediate effect.

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